I’m working very hard to develop the ability to hold a grudge. This is the week to do it. Yesterday was the funeral. I didn’t love him. I didn’t like him. I don’t know how he felt about me. How much was me flinching before emotionally being hit and how […]

A very Good bye

On Saturday, the kids in our neighborhood made a lemonade stand and turned the awful traffic down our street to their advantage. I wish I had pictures, but I was not made aware of said lemonade stand until after they had confiscated my best pitchers, all the good markers, and […]

Sweet and Sour

I have changed jobs. This means I have time to think and be creative again. The last couple of years were a real challenge at the old job. I made so many friends that I value and I will miss. The new job is wonderful. So much light and thought […]

My spot in the sun

This has to be my favorite research study of the year. I have been arguing, threatening and even begging my instructors NOT to show or do, but to guide and encourage exploration. It’s an important part of adult education. People learn technology much easier by exploring it themselves. Case in […]

Exploration over Dictation

Google has turned me into an invite hound again. Google Plus takes interaction on the web to a new level – easy. Technology is great, but it’s often confusing, cumbersome, or expensive to use. Google Plus looks to overcome many of those obstacles and virtually get everyone together. The feature […]

Google Plus… me!

An excellent example of why I have a job. I love this.

Frank and Rita

IE 8 and the browser wars

IE who?

Bookworm, Wordnerd, whatever you call them, avid book lovers have often been shunned by the popular crowd. Shunned or not, they now have many places to gather and compare notes on their favorite reads. GoodReads – Probably the largest community at the moment. GoodReads allows a book lover to document […]

The Social Book Nerd