I haven’t had much to say. I’ve been focusing instead on saying what I need to say in 140 characters or less. Twitter has become something I don’t want to be interested in but I can’t help myself. I’m over my limit. Must stop or be truncated.

Twitter stole my blog

Our youngest, AJ, was determined to get into real trouble last week. He turned 6 with some cake, a few presents, and a check from GGma. On Wednesday, AJ came out of Kindergarten wearing a cowboy hat he received as a gift. I’d missed that he was wearing it that […]

Best and worst moment of my life

I somehow managed to pull it off, yet again, with very little preparation and planning. The kids had a great time, made a huge haul, and hopefully will remember trick or treating with their friends until their bags overflowed for a long time. This year we had… a witch (not […]


I run a very large family and work two jobs. I need all the help I can get and I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for something to streamline my work at home and give me more time with the kids and help me manage the household. I love vinegar. It […]

Household tips

Occasionally my Firefox tabs become altogether unmanageable.  So it’s time to tab dump… Fun find of the week… I love magazines from times gone by. What better way to understand history and culture in real time. None of the magazines I own features on this site, but I now […]

clearing the tabs

In October, I was laid off… well, kinda. I was moved to a desk in the basement where I am to hand out laptops and not speak unless spoken to. My classes were killed in favor of a political statement to the muckety-mucks. I was sad. My students were sad […]

Tech Training. It’s what I do.

hobbies, crafts and charity. I don’t know why I group these together, but I do. Charity Play a game, feed some people. Drop off a book to make someone’s day. A message for peace from 1969. Amazing. Online Cool. Teach yourself something. Free music (no, you […]

It’s a good thing

I’m rusty at this, so I’m just going to stretch my legs and walk this thing out a while. The last blog I had ended in 2006. When my co-workers discovered it and teased me mercilessly. I’m hoping I’ve learned my lesson and will be a bit more spry this […]