I’m shamelessly quoting from Penelope Trunk because I’m glad she’s there to put this in such a simple and direct light. I see students in my design classes running back and forth over the same tired ground and it’s rare to find anything fresh and new in the art department […]

The box

In October, I was laid off… well, kinda. I was moved to a desk in the basement where I am to hand out laptops and not speak unless spoken to. My classes were killed in favor of a political statement to the muckety-mucks. I was sad. My students were sad […]

Tech Training. It’s what I do.

hobbies, crafts and charity. I don’t know why I group these together, but I do. Charity Play a game, feed some people. Drop off a book to make someone’s day. A message for peace from 1969. Amazing. Online Cool. Teach yourself something. Free music (no, you […]

It’s a good thing