Exploration over Dictation

This has to be my favorite research study of the year. I have been arguing, threatening and even begging my instructors NOT to show or do, but to guide and encourage exploration. It’s an important part of adult education. People learn technology much easier by exploring it themselves.

Case in point. We are training, we’ll call them business X, to use our software for organizing data. Business X used a system before that started the day with” C:/” on the screen…. it was that far out of date. I’ve been training them for months and we’re still coming up with the same questions and negative attitudes from their employees. I was directly asked why by my boss and I told her exactly what the problem is… they have no natural curiosity for our product.

Curiosity is the key ingredient to successful adaptation in any environment. My greatest hope for the youth of today is that their teachers are teaching them to learn and be curious.

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