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Either interesting tools on the web or tools that I’ve found helpful (or want to try out) for development of webpages. It’s a wide category…

PDF HAMMER. I tend to use Illustrator when I want to edit a pdf, but this is a nice 2.0 tool available in a pinch. It does not allow password protected files to be ‘updated’. Good. I think.

Article on evaluating your webpage. Questions to at least make you think. It goes a little overboard in places (logical colors?).

Need a photo editor? Try any of the reviewed online photo editors for free! Photoshop? Who needs Photoshop? Will the Adobe gods be coming to get me soon?

While we’re talking about editors, what about a site to upload all those wonderful family pictures? Here’s a review of user favorites from last year. Picasaweb gets my vote… for now. http://lifehacker.com/373220/five-best-digital-photo-organizers

Maybe you’re just not interested in shooting your own photos. f-stop biased. Use someone else’s, for free! http://www.digitalimagemagazine.com/blog/featured/25-free-stock-photo-sites/

Speaking of logical colors. There a some very nice color picking websites on the net now.

Still testing this one. I’m not used to wait times on the Internet… I want results now! Still. It’s a great tool when you’re network admin is a jerk and refuses to understand why a web developer needs to have a smorgasbord of browsers to test with. https://browsershots.org/

Wanna see where your friends are on the social spectrum? Maybe you’d rather greedily gather all the user accounts you can with your favorite handle. Either way, do a little research at http://checkusernames.com/

I just feel better when something is organized according to the periodic table. Surprising that I failed high school chemistry…
fonts! http://www.squidspot.com/Periodic_Table_of_Typefaces/Periodic_Table_of_Typefaces_large.jpg
actual elements http://www.dayah.com/periodic/

Finally… I’d like to work here. http://lifehacker.com/5160893/land-of-the-colorful-cubes
Don’t miss their website, either. http://www.balcomagency.com/

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    I want to say, that I really love your blog.
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