The Social Book Nerd

Bookworm, Wordnerd, whatever you call them, avid book lovers have often been shunned by the popular crowd. Shunned or not, they now have many places to gather and compare notes on their favorite reads.

GoodReads – Probably the largest community at the moment. GoodReads allows a book lover to document their reading library, review books and connect with friends and family about books.

Shelfari – Comes in a close second in popularity and purpose of GoodReads but takes it all a step further. Shelfari often works with libraries to incorporate the social nature of their communities into library online catalogs.

ShelfLuv – is relatively new on the scene and  aims to become “an interactive way to share and explore books with friends, family and other readers who share your interests and taste,” the site explains.

Bookrabbit – twists the concept of social networking and books along a bookstore them. They’re a little like Amazon on display.

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