Sweet and Sour

On Saturday, the kids in our neighborhood made a lemonade stand and turned the awful traffic down our street to their advantage. I wish I had pictures, but I was not made aware of said lemonade stand until after they had confiscated my best pitchers, all the good markers, and my favorite table cloth for their venture. These stealth procedures require… you know… stealth.

I did come upon the stand by accident as I was returning from the grocery store. Let me paint the scene for you…

Seven kids between the ages of 5 and 12. Mostly boys. A shabby little table with a the table cloth draped to the grass. Dixie cups. A sign with $1.00 marked out and 25$sents! beneath. They were hot and sweaty and they were working the cute kid angle. I was the first adult to buy a mediocre Dixie cup full of powdered Gatorade. That’s when my blonde-haired, green-eyed, freckled-nose little 10 year old comes sauntering around a tree and serenading me with a completely made up song on his $50 thrift store guitar he’d begged me for the day before. ‘Every drink comes with a song!’ they all chimed.

I left with a sweet memory and not much hope that they would have any success. It’s every kids failed childhood dream, right? Well, they came in with $30 after 2 hours. The troubadour made $5 for just playing odd chords on his guitar.

Now we’re on for every Saturday this summer. I’ve been hired to make business cards… but I only get paid if they’re good…

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