Household tips

I run a very large family and work two jobs. I need all the help I can get and I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for something to streamline my work at home and give me more time with the kids and help me manage the household.

I love vinegar. It really is the wonder drug for household cleaning. I tossed out my harsh chemicals years ago in favor of vinegar, baking soda, and elbow grease… ok. I couldn’t quite let go of the Windex, but one day

Home inventory sites… there’s a bunch out there to prepare you for loss.

Clean like a maid until you can afford to hire one (I wish, I wish, I wish)

Decluttering without the garage sale

Tea is lovely. And so is this site. Explore Mighty girl for other recommendations.

Homemade lavender water. I just need instructions for keeping the spouse away from the vodka

I’m not sure I ever stopped house hunting. I found my house and houses for 2 friends.

Fighting the tax man (property taxes, anyway) It’s a .pdf file.

or the OTHER taxes

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