Tech Training. It’s what I do.

In October, I was laid off… well, kinda. I was moved to a desk in the basement where I am to hand out laptops and not speak unless spoken to. My classes were killed in favor of a political statement to the muckety-mucks. I was sad. My students were sad and desperate. It’s been a tough few months.

Then… the classes started again. And me, the professional trainer… the well-paid professional trainer…. still behind the desk. They invited unskilled volunteers to teach the classes and so far they’ve been a disaster. I believe we have insult added to injury. Sigh. Will train for free! Nope. Here’s your sign laptop. Thanks

And here are some computer training links for you. Love to all!

T is for training. No kidding.

not a bad post.
or this one.

library digital branch style guide.

resource for if they ever bring my classes back.

note to self: add wordpress to the to learn list…


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