I’m rusty at this, so I’m just going to stretch my legs and walk this thing out a while.

The last blog I had ended in 2006. When my co-workers discovered it and teased me mercilessly.

I’m hoping I’ve learned my lesson and will be a bit more spry this round at cloaking my identity.

Let’s start with a name… something catchy… something not too like my own name so nothing remotely emulating the son of God’s name. hmmm. Call me Ishmael…


Sorry. Library humor. And not very good, I know.

Yes! I work in a library. And yet, I am not a librarian. Which means I am known as a non-MLS drone by my coworkers. Seriously, they print it on our badges. Name, security clearance and NON-MLS! Otherwise, they’d have to rely on my weak grasp off the secret handshake.

Good fortune has seen to it that I work with a group lightly sprinkled with MLS-carrying grunts. I work in the technology team and most of us hail from a mixed mutt of education and experience. To be honest, we judge the MLSs rather harshly. After all, they can’t boot a computer without step-by-step instructions. They know nothing of tech power when it comes to the information they claim to organize and…. I’m even boring myself here.

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