I somehow managed to pull it off, yet again, with very little preparation and planning. The kids had a great time, made a huge haul, and hopefully will remember trick or treating with their friends until their bags overflowed for a long time. This year we had…

a witch (not me)


skeleton football player (easier to pull off than the mummy football player or zombie football player from years before).

a train/fireman. The boy can never decide between the two.

I stayed home and handed out candy. It’s a coveted position between me and my husband and this was my first year with the honor. We had 4 trick or treaters in the 2 hours the kids were gone. So I played 4 rounds of Mario Kart, cleaned the kitchen, carved the last pumpkin, and downloaded scary movies for them to watch when they got home. It was lovely.

The extra hour of sleep has me refreshed and ready to tackle the 2000 words I need to write today. Since none of this counts, I think I’ll move along now.

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